Note: Doctrinal articles written by the late Sam Stern, an Orthodox rabbi born in Poland. He found his Messiah in the USA and later was ordained as a minister of the gospel. For these articles, Mr. Stern translated pertinent references in Hebrew and Aramaic from commentators including Rashi, Onkeles, and the Cabala, and also quoted related Scriptures.

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Messianic Appearance

Isaiah 53

Can Three Be One?

Moses and Memra
Substantiation from scriptural reference that the word "Memra" was a special name of God.

Who is Metatron?
Examination of the ancient Jewish references to "Metatron".

A Jewish View of Miracles
Examples of the miraculous in the Bible and Jewish references.

The Miraculous Birth
An examination of the word "virgin" as used in the prophetic scriptures.

Examination of Biblical and Rabbinic commentaries over the centuries related to immortality, physical resurrection, and a spiritual afterlife.

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The Victory of Light, by the late Rev. Sam Stern

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